Common Krait

Bungarus caeruleus

The common krait known as Thel Karawala (තෙල් කරවලා) in Sinhala and Kattu Viriyan (கட்டு விரியன்) in Tamil, is most venomous land snake in Sri Lanka. Coloration is generally black or bluish black, with about 40 thin, white crossbars which may be indistinct or absent anteriorly. The pattern, however, is complete and well defined in the young, which are marked with conspicuous crossbars even anteriorly. The average length is 0.9  but they can grow to 1.75 m and males are usually longer than females.

Consists mostly of powerful neurotoxins, it would take just around 0.6 mg of its venom to kill a person. Little or no pain occurs from a krait bite, and this can provide false reassurance to the victim. The venom has a direct impact on the nervous system, which in turn would paralyze the muscles that facilitate breathing. Untreated, 70-80% of the victims would die.


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